Lord Snow


A ranking Lord of the Kingdom of Urenia, of the Noble House of Snow, in the Region of Ebanaci. He divides his time between Salvarenia and the village of Snowhaven.

Lord Snow is the player characters’ patron and ally.


A nobleman and titled Urenian lord, of the Town of Salvarenia in the Province of Colzone. Although not such an important man himself in the larger politics of Urenia, his aristocratic family of House Snow is quite influential, and Lord Snow’s father is one of the king’s trusted advisors. His lands are mostly those in northwest Ebanaci: Although he has some holdings and connections in the Town of Salvarenia, he contributes to his House’s wealth mainly through land holdings in the villages and smaller towns.

He’s nearly 60 years old, dark-skinned, with a trimmed black-and-white beard. He’s well dressed according to his station, with an impressive gold chain around his neck and an impressive signet ring, but nothing ostentatious for the times.

Lord Snow

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