Rudolphus Harmion

A middle-aged monk and Lord Snow's righthand man


Rudolphus is in his early fifties with salt and pepper hair and a rather fine beard. He saw a lot of action in the war 20 years ago, but things have been mostly peaceful in Snowhaven since then and he hasn’t seen a lot of action. Mostly he spends his days managing Lord Snow’s guard and reminiscing about the wife, and child, he was parted from a long, long time ago.

Althia is his daughter. His story is that Althia’s mother took her to her forest homeland while the girl was still a babe; when Rudolphus refused to abandon his post with Lord Snow and come with them.

Rudolphus took some comfort in the quiet, patient ways of the monk after his wife left him, but he has never seriously trained in it.


Rudolphus Harmion

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