Dracian Snow


Lord Snow’s youngest son, an adult of sorcerous talent and wayward, reckless spirit. Known to slum among criminals and prostitutes in the Township of Salvarenia. Tutored in the magical arts by his mother’s sister, Mrs. Marta Calvino, in the seaside village of Shorehaven. Handsome, charming, and just needs a little more time to accept the responsibilities of his station.

He’s missing. Find him quickly.


Lord Snow’s youngest son, a young man of noble birth, who has long chafed at his father’s strict expectations and lack of recognition. He’s 25 years old, with a handsome, adventurous, brash, devil-may-care air. Some people hate him for his attitude, some are drawn to him for it. He usually wears decent but not ostentatious clothes; people who meet him think he’s more likely to be a son of a merchant or guild artisan, rather than a nobleman.

Dracian Snow

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